Friday, December 2, 2016

FXY ( FREEDOMxYOUTH ) punk Malaysia

FXY (or FREEDOMxYOUTH ) are a punk band from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

DOM.11 Diciembre, brutal konci en Trublast squat!

Ultimo konci de la gira BOOM/ANSÏA! (ver cartel)

[M]L9 L10 Bon Pastor (Psg. d'Enric Sanchiz'38)


ANSÏA (emocrust L'Hospitalet)
BOOM (fastcore Toulouse)
NASTY MILK (Punk HC Barna)
BAULA (Hardcore Barna)

CRUST-MESS 28 Diciembre, Trublast squat (Barna)

Aupa compas, aqui la info para el Crust-Mess konci el proximo Miercoles 28 de Diciembre

en el Trublast squat en Sta. Koloma [M] L9 L10 Bon Pastor (Psg. d'Enric Sanchiz'38). 
Konci d.i.y. , habra barra a precios populares y cena vegana.
Para cubrir los gastos de las bandas puedes colaborar en la entrada voluntaria. 
El beneficio del evento ira dedicada a la defensa judicial de la okupación del Trublast.

A partir de las 21.00h tokarán las bandas: 

ARTISTE INCONNU  ( punk crust DIY , Suiza ) 
TREPANATION ( crust'&stoner, Suiza )

RAZA ODIADA (d-beat crust-ataque, Barna /

METASTASIS (gore-grindcore, Barna)

Agradecemos la difusión del evento!

Salut & Anarquia

Saturday, November 26, 2016


Hey all , we're doing another compilation, Emergency Attack #4
and we're looking for bands to join.
(Anarcho, punk, HC, crust, powerviolence, grindcore, etc... )

As usual the comp will be released as free download as soon as finished.

If you are interested to join you can send your track (WAV or MP3 file) and band logo/font to: 
crapziness (A)
or to: 
hell_ockie_rebel (A)

ABOMINATIONS ALL OVER - This is Belgium... EP (2016)

Fuck capitalism, fuck all authority!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


A new product is widely available on the last Friday & Saturday of November, the Buy Nothing Day & International Buy Nothing Day. Buy it as often as you can!

A new product conquers the market: the product Nothing! There is great demand for Nothing. Millions of people need Nothing! The new product is now available at an attractive price, you get nothing for nothing! The applications are endless. Nothing gives room in the house, requires no maintenance, no need to secure and consumes no energy. It even provides energy because for nothing the sun rises! Nothing is better! Buy Nothing!

The perfect time to purchase Nothing is on the last Friday & Saturday of November, (International) Buy Nothing Day. That day is after all the day of protest par excellence of anyone who opposes consumerism, the pursuit of economic growth, the power of big business, the 24-hour-stress society, the seven-day sales week and a life in the service of economy.

Een nieuw product is volop verkrijgbaar op de laatste zaterdag van november, de Internationale Niet-Winkeldag. Koop het zo vaak u kunt!

Een nieuw product verovert de markt: het product Niets! Er is veel vraag naar Niets. Miljoenen mensen hebben Niets nodig! Het nieuwe product is nu verkrijgbaar voor een aantrekkelijke prijs: je krijgt Niets voor niets! De toepassingsmogelijkheden zijn legio. Niets geeft ruimte in huis, vraagt geen onderhoud, hoeft niet verzekerd te worden en verbruikt geen energie. Het geeft zelfs energie, want voor Niets gaat de zon op! Niets is beter! Koop Niets!

Het uitgelezen moment om Niets aan te schaffen is op de laatste zaterdag van november, Internationale Niet-Winkeldag (Buy Nothing Day). Die dag is immers de protestdag bij uitstek van iedereen die zich verzet tegen het consumentisme, het najagen van economische groei, de macht van de grote bedrijven, de 24-uur-stressmaatschappij, de zevendaagse koopweek en een leven in dienst van de economie.

Download our Buy Nothing Day 2016 pamphlets here :
Includes  JPG's like below and a print ready PDF with 4 pamplets on a page, 
good for recto verso printing on A4 format.

eng version: Friday 24 Nov BND and Saturday 25 Nov BND International, 2017 pamphlets 

Dutch/NL versie : Zaterdag 25 Nov, 2017 Koop Niets Dag (KND) pamfletten.

11 Dec 2016 - DIY Platen & Distro Afternoon @ JH SOJO (belgium)

After the nice afternoon almost three years ago, the second edition is here, now in the tiny city of Leuven. Concept is the same:

 JH SOJO, eenmeilaan 35, Kessel lo
5 minutes walk from Leuven trainstation

Collectief Cursief and Leuven Anarchistische Groep present:

An afternoon of support for local and non-local diy bands, distro’s and labels.

Start: 1pm
– Different tables with distro’s, ep’s, cd’s, info, shirts,…
– Coffee and biscuits
– A pint of beer (or two, or a Gageleer)
– Vegan food
– No capitalists, only fair prices (or trading)
– A chill area
– No dogs
! and ofcourse, good music !

ends around about more or less +/- 6pm

Entrance: nothing or free donation

Anybody who’s interested, send me a message and get a table!

Confirmed for now:
– Allied Merch Distro
– Vleesklak Records
– Mosh Potatoes
– Leuven Anarchistische Groep (bookstand)
– 161 Distro Crew Antwerpen
– XbrokenVcagesX (Human & animal liberation benefit distro, books, patches and cd’s)
– ABC Gent (Pins, patches, books, zines, stickers, shirts, … )
– Kljin Distro
– Crazy fishs’ Crazy patch Invasion
– Eastrain rec (tbc)

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Jackson Fight (anarcho punk powerviolence)

Jackson Fight are an anarcho punk powerviolence band from France. One energetic punk voice with two pieces of powerviolence who fight against attitudes based on discrimination and domination such as sexism, racism, homo/trans/phobia, speciesism, fascism. They're working on a new E.P. and a split, it'll be out in June 2017. their work is done in a full D.I.Y., anti-capitalist and non profit spirit.

You can download their "I believe I can fight" E.P. for free from their bandcamp

Jackson Fight - I believe I can fight EP on youtube 


Friday, November 18, 2016


Detësto are a crust punk band from Campinas, Brasil.

 Detësto promo song "detësto", recorded at Rise Studios (Campinas), 
October 2016 - full demo 2017!!!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

3000 LANZAS - European tour 2018

3000 LANZAS (political HC punk from Argentina) are planning to do a European tour in Februari 2018 and they are looking for contacts / venues to play in this countries ; 
Spain, France, Holland, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Czech Rep, Poland, Denmark 

If you can help them get in touch :
destroythefalcon (A)